Universal charger – how long has that taken?

Christ that is good news, how much cash has been wasted on endless different chargers for phones. I wonder if the iphone will suddenly become something less like a phone so Apple can continue to produce chargers that dont work on the their latest gadgets. Oh it works on a ipod, not on a 3Gs iphone though, that docking station will work on an old one but not the latest and on and on, I have a so many different chargers..that said, here comes Powermat – anyone seen it? Looks brilliant to start with, a very slim mat that is plugged in and all you do is lay your phone on it and it charges wirelessly!! Brilliant, and they did a good job of using Facebook to launch it as well.

Well actually no, first you have buy the mat, quite expensive. Then for every device you have to buy a sleeve to put your device in before putting on the mat! Bascially you are looking at £100 quid to charge your phone, but then of course if you have two phones, or two phones and ipod then get your wallet out, more buying of sleeves. I am sure down the line this will be common place technology without the sleeves, just lay them down but for now, who can be bothered with the expense and effort. As many people commented on facebook – why not just plug it in the wall? Good point, well made.

A final note on Powermat. They used Facebook well until they started to receive negative comments so they did what all clients are told not to do, they removed negative comments once they had dropped down the facebook news feed enough and then responded to the one positive comment out of 15 less so, wasted opportunity..



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