YouTube not afraid to put targeting first, media channel second

Marco Bertozzi: 02.12.09
Good to see YouTube advertising in the Guardian and Metro, there was a time when executives in the company would rather be seen dead than advertising, let alone in press. Surely that would admit they need offline media to launch a new proposition.

I think actually what it shows is that planning how to reach an audience is more based on where they are likely to be found at any given touch point through the day as opposed to what is the channel of choice and or whether it would be seen as admitting defeat, it shows that regardless of your brand, whether it’s the most digital company in the world or not, you should use the right channels to reach your target audience.

The Ad itself now makes it feel like YouTube are really beginning to flex their muscles a little and take ownership of TV on the web away from all the hype surrounding Hulu. I am sure that just round the corner we will see some major film content and other TV company content. I still feel that they need to change the design a little, I know it’s a successful formula but if they really want to ad lots of great content I believe it should be presented in a more grown up setting. (Maybe I am getting old)

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