There is nothing like memory lane

Yesterday saw a small reunion at The Dudley pub in Paddington. The Dudley was the spiritual drinking home of Zenith Media as it was. Yesterday some of its most loyal supporters returned to have a quick drink there before moving on to other Paddington favourite haunts.

The reminiscing and story telling was in full swing and it was a great day but left you realising how much media has changed from the days back in the shed @ Paddington. ZO is now all grown up with shiny offices on Charlotte St, along with many other agencies in the area, many of our group had left ZO and interestingly often from agency to media owner which shows how much the skills between agency and media owner are blurring as they become more and more strategic in their approach as well as more central to discussions with clients as clients look to involve content and conversation in their approach to reaching people.

All in all though, it was good to discuss some of the bigger issues which I would be prohibited from raising here but focused on JF and TS quite a bit and of course not to mention JH and KH.

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