How would you come across online if I searched for you?

It just struck me as I did a bit of research on some people, you can tell a lot about a person as to whether or not they are on Youtube.

Most people worry about keeping their Linkedin profile up to date, a good CV, perhaps they Tweet a bit and blog a bit but actually one of the most powerful mediums is that of video. In my research of some senior media players it has been fascinating to see who either a) cares or b) has time to create their online CVs with a professional Youtube appearance ranking top in my mind.

What a Youtube performance allows is for someone you have not met to come to life, you may learn a little about their character, approach and beliefs. That is useful and powerful stuff when you are about to be interviewed by them. Perhaps its superficial to judge someone on that basis but I think it says a lot about them as people. It usually means they are not afraid to put their thoughts out there, often in positions of influence hence why they are presenting at conferences etc (most likely video scenarios) and therefore likely to be well connected.

There is much talk about your online persona, is the CV almost irrelevant now, is it more about your online presence, your content that appears if someone searches for you, how many followers you have and so on, I believe probably more and more. Put yourself in the shoes of a candidate you have to interview and search for your name, how do you come across? What would you think of you? All employers are turning to the web to research people, I think its time to check out your own online CV.

So if you are presenting soon at a conference, get yourself recorded!

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