How can Google Nexus One not support Microsoft Exchange?

Marco Bertozzi:30:01:2010
In this day and age I find it infuriating when major players in software and or hardware dont work together. Surely now they are waking up to the fact that we live in an open source world and putting up barriers may make themselves feel better but it annoys the people spending the money. Especially around mainstream ways of communicating like email systems.

How is it possible that Google’s Nexus One does not synch with Outlook Exchange Calendars etc, its madness, is Google not a serious business operation? Do they think the world will change to Gmail? Of course not, so instead they are just pissing off all those people who would love to have a Nexus One but connect to Exchange.

Likewise the news that the iPad does not support Flash, I mean come on, it’s a joke, the world runs on Flash how can they not support it when we are talking about a device designed to enjoy the consumption of all the best the web has to offer! These companies need to start thinking of the end consumers rather than their own protectionism, its madness, I hope very much that Google will reconsider this stance in the coming weeks.

One thought on “How can Google Nexus One not support Microsoft Exchange?

  1. Don’t know about the Nexus One and Exchange, but I do question the future dominance of Microsoft. At what point will the operating system as we know it become obsolete in favor of browser based cloud technology? Even Microsoft Office 2010 will be offering a “cloud” edition. Given the costs associated with running an exchange server, Google’s premium suite of apps has to seem like a viable alternative for cash strapped corporations moving forward.

    With respect to the iPad/iPhone, I think the lack of Flash support is two-fold.

    1. Flash is a CPU hog – means Apple would need to increase processor capacity. Also destroys battery life.

    2. Apple is looking to erode the Flash monopoly. HTML 5 will support video directly in the browser without a plugin. I think the explosion in JavaScript frameworks like JQuery and HTML will begin the slow demise of Flash. Like you said, we’re moving toward an open source world.

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