Valencia Festival of Media – will the presenters re-write the rule book?

5 Days away from the start of the Valencia Media Festival. It’s a big affair, I have not been for a couple of years, last time was the Venice Media Festival so I am interested to see the presentations. I blogged previously about how Twitter and social communications have changed the feel of presentations at these events and this should be the best example as the whole theme is around changing the rules.

Here is the challenge to the presenters:

a) Prepare something for the conference, not something you made earlier!
b) Make it interesting which means being brave on content and comment, stick your neck out
c) Tell us something new, please
d) Aim the content at knowledgeable people, not the lowest common denominator

If all that happens it will be a great conference as the line up and agenda looks fantastic, see it here I am going to Twitter for the first time at a conference both the content and some of the goings on around the presentations and some of the evening events..although not in too much detail!

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