The birth of my son Alexander Jack Bertozzi

As most of you will know I normally reserve these pages for rambling about digital and media and occasionally some things outside of that. Today I want to write about the birth of my son.

Don’t worry not the details, those are impossible to impart, intensely private and in some cases X rated in terms of the experience. The feelings pre, during and post birth can only be understood by the two of you and so the idea of blogging about that is pointless.

No, today I wanted to just write down my appreciation of the NHS and in particular St George’s hospital in Tooting. Its a big hospital, its chaotic, sprawling and yet the service they have provided has been exceptional. I sometimes struggle to work out how all those moving parts work together, how can they keep track of everything, stay in the know when it comes to all the patients, but they do.

More than that they care, of course there are the odd ones who are less good but that goes for anywhere, but generally they were helpful, attentive and went beyond the call of duty and for that I am grateful, its all a pretty scary experience.

Not that long ago my Dad nearly died and the care he received was second to none, it was out of this world and the amount of attention was staggering, all to save my dad. A never more stressful situation have I been in than during that experience and now the birth of my son and in both cases they keep you sane and work in your best interests, constantly reassuring, explaining and making the experience as positive as it can be.

My only criticism is the level of arse covering they do now to not be sued but thats no their fault as ours. So yes I join the long list of people who say pay the nurses and doctors more and go shaft a couple of bankers.

Thanks St George’s.

Welcome Alexander Jack Bertozzi 3.29am 24/5/10

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