Twitter changes its security settings for all to see.

I am pleased to see how Twitter have very publically made changes to their security. A clear not that cant be missed as to what is changing and how it will affect you. I guarrantee it wont create the uproar that all the Facebook changes have made, but its positive in its transparency.

It is a good combination of making applications work more smoothly with Twitter – ie if you change your password, your app will still work, good for Twitter, good for you, aves the annoying updating, but you are still required to approve and App and there is an easy way deauthorise it. This make sense and will be a much better user experience.

I think Twitter have learnt a lot from watching Facebook make these mistakes, although I feel like they were always more likely to act in this way from the outset.

Also the changing of shortened urls into something you can work out where you are being led to is important too and a nice change for the better, no more being whisked off to god knows where to read an article and pump up someone’s traffic numbers.

Good work for the advertising solutions?

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