Priority inbox from Gmail. Saves me up to 2 minutes a day

I like it, I do! I like Gmail, I have used it for years, an early adopter, its the home of all of my phone contacts with my iphone and BB synched to it so I never lose another contact. It is so much better than hotmail in keeping out the nasty little virus people. I have a great email address as I got in early.

Priority inbox is also a likeable invention but I am not sure I entirely get it. They list the emails that are important at the top, the less important ones underneath. If you are a serial checker of your email whether it’s work or play then what that usually means is I have 1 email as priority and 2 less so, the end result being I can see all three in one view and its easy to filter out the good from the bad. I also still have to delete / archive / report as spam the less important so again, I have to go grubbing about in those less important emails anyway. I just dont think it saves time or makes life easier?

I think this is designed for someone who has no more than 1 minute available between meetings, has 1000 emails landing between the check ins and has loads of important emails. If that is the case then I think this product is perfect. For me I waste as much time accidently clicking on normal inbox and going back to priority as it saves me in the reading of them! Its a small gripe, otherwise I like it, dont strike me off beta!!

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