The world would be a better place if more companies were like Apple

Gordon in Brand republic comments on that Apple does not even like its customers and sites some bad PR from Jobs to a student..this is my view

That is the least of it. I am a fan. I have bought 7 ipods in its various guises, three iphones, one ipad, one Mac. Not to mention all the accessories. I am also annoyed that they continually update, that one charger wont fit the next gadget, they wont take flash on ipads and so and so on. Apple treat their customers like s*** and their products are a means to a greater battlefield Steve has with the wider marketplace.

That said, the products are generally very good. We forget that before them, PCs were very dull, we had walkmans and the phone was a functional accompliment and nothing more, there was no buzz in this sector so without them the rest would still be producing dull products.

And thats what they do well, good products. Yes they / he annoys me but I have given up caring, all this anti Apple stuff is boring and repetitive, they make good stuff and changed a market.

My last point is this; if more companies took the route Apple has taken ie great products, great design, attention to detail, quality packaging, wads of innovation, the world would be a far better place.

One thought on “The world would be a better place if more companies were like Apple

  1. No one comes close to apple when it comes to product design and more companies should strive for a reputation for quality and innovation like they have achieved.

    However, every time i walk into an apple store i feel like im in an insane asylum, people are so brainwashed that is scares me. I have heard the comment more than once from friends that apple products are a status symbol and anything else shows lack of culture.

    I could do without the whole cult aspect, but the products are cool

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