Exchangewire Ad summit 2010

So how do I feel after the largest gathering of Ad exchange professionals ever collated? I feel like we collected the largest group of ad exchange professionals all together and generally made ourselves feel better that we are part of something big and we made some great contacts. What I don’t feel is that we extended our reach beyond that room, and actually that would have been the best outcome of today. it’s a small thing but there were virtually no tweets, no coverage, nothing that seemed to extend beyond the room which is a shame, lets hope the attendees talk about the day.

Today was the inner sanctum, you could use all the phrases and acronyms that you liked today – DSP / SSP / Adexchange / Adnetwork / data etc without feeling like someone would not understand, and I think that’s fine, but what we need is amplification and understanding. I would have liked to have seen some more clients there, where were they? The agency folk were slim on the ground a smattering from Vivaki, Carat, Infectious, Mediacom but not many and none brought clients. It was a technology / supplyside gathering in the main.

What I wanted to see was a few clients and more mainstream agency folk to come and see what it was all about, see what it all meant and how it would affect them. I was asked to come up and co present with the Global CEO of Vivaki Nerve Center and I talked about my disappointment that the NMA had hardly bothered to talk about exchange trading in a recent issue and thats how I feel the industry is in general. It’s interesting because it appears no one has learned anything from the birth of search, ie we should have all embraced it quicker and we should have wanted to know more sooner, it feels like it’s happening again.

Of the content Admeld, Quantcast, Vivaki, Infectious, Google, Rubicon all contributed amongst others to an interesting session, the discussions around data and the demand side seemed to raise the most passions as people grapple with who owns what, who does what and who is going lose the most in the new world. Overall it was strong content, perhaps needed more direction and linkage but strong nevertheless, as I say, it was like preaching Catholicism to the Vatican, I would rather be in front of a crowd of non believers!

Credit to Ciaran for organising this, it takes some balls to get these things going and he did a great job, I hope for the next one there is a push to bring people from outside of the Lodge and bring in non believers, clients, broader agency people so we can spread the word. Today we established a real crop of experts in one room and that is a great start, on to the next..well done Ciaran.

4 thoughts on “Exchangewire Ad summit 2010

  1. A good overview and I could not agree more that we need to move the discussion out of our little media/tech/alphabettie spaghetti bubble and take it to the media masses. This is a real world opportunity with real world issues and i believe it warants a broader engagement and opinion…

    • But then the content takes a step back for those involved in this space. Perhaps the future is 2 events: 1 which is full on, very specific and 1 which is more broad, more of a dummies guide for the ‘non believers’ as you say.

  2. Firstly, Marco, thank for presenting. You and Curt did a great job. Top presentation. I agree with all your sentiments. I will be seriously looking at expanding the conversation beyond, as Stuart put it, our “little media/tech/alphabettie spaghetti bubble”. This was the first event I put on, and yes it probably lacked the broader reach – but we are “early doors” when it comes to data-driven display or automated ad trading. The mainstream media will be getting this very soon – and I intend to do some serious evangelising about our space. Stay tuned. Not bad for first time out. And Vivaki was an inaugural sponsor of the first exchange focused event in Europe. Thank you, Vivaki.

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