One year since my first Bertozzi Bytesize blog.

12 months since my first blog. Unbelievable change from that year to this. Although I learnt a lot of commercial and man management business skills at TMP it is a very different world I currently inhabit in the Vivaki Nerve Center.

I did not imagine that 12 months later I would have written over 70 entries, wired my self up on Twitter with 160+ followers, it’s been a hell of a learning curve, and frankly one I needed to go on, you can’t work in the heart of digital and not understand this world of Twitter and blogs. How the world has changed, once upon a time if you had some PR you hoped that Campaign or Mediaweek would cover a story, but now Twitter and online in general spreads the news like wild fire. Learning that ecosystem is important and I have and really enjoyed it. It’s like a guilty secret, most people I know, even those in digital scoff at the idea of a blog, but I think that’s shit, they don’t have to blog but niether should they scoff, if you don’t understand how this all works then you can’t truly advise clients who want their strategies to be based in this social world.

Well its right that one year later I am still banging on about things because that’s all I hoped for this blog, nothing too intellectual or deep, just a thought on, exactly as my blog is called, and nothing more.

The last and important point is that since writing that first blog, I have had my first child and that is the big news of the last 12 months, it does also mean time is even more precious so no matter how these blogs come out, I have to work hard to produce them!

The future holds loads of opportunity to write, Monaco Media Festival in November, Sky Media golf masters in Dubai! some exciting new deals being announced by Vivaki and more..keep following and let’s catch up in another 12 months.

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