Back to the future in biddable media

There is one area of digital that changes at an unbelievable rate and yet seems strangely familiar. Anything to do with addressable / biddable media and all the companies involved in it are now populated by all those faces from the past. All these new companies that could have come along and worked really hard to get in the front door are now using the brightest and best from the old ‘display and search’ industry to speed the process up.

Lets list a few

Stephanie Carr – Joined Marin recently
Phil Macauley – Quantcast
Chris Ward – Kenshoo
Michael Steckler – Criteo
Nigel Gilbert – Launching the Orange marketplace

There are many others , but its fascinating to see the faces now popping up in an area of the business that a few years ago would have been considered a little dull or geeky. Its happening on the agency side too though. Of course Andy Cocker and Martin Kelly are pushing data driven display, Adam Pace is heading things up in this area at OMD, your truely focused on it at Vivaki again, there are others that I am missing out but its a quite a shift and I hope it will represent where the spends follow as well.

Our business has always adapted well and its great to still be working with some of these fantastic people many years later, I look forward to 2011 and all it brings for me and all those people listed above!

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