RIP Paul

I was shocked today to see the life of a friend, and eventually the end of their life play out on Facebook. You see and hear about it in newspapers but today I saw it first hand and it’s not pretty.

The ever more heavy usage of social networking and online really has taken it’s toll on communication and I think at times very much to the detriment. It’s too simple to blame networking etc for certain specific situations but as I read the comments from this guy and those of his friends I do start to wonder what might have happened in the age of the telephone call.

As one person commented I was looking and not seeing, that’s what social networks allow us to do. I saw the post a couple of weeks back ‘I hate life’. Have you seen that sort of post before? Did you read anything into it? Comment on it? Call the person? I am sure those who new him best did, at least I hope so, but now a few weeks after that comment and the ‘Goodbye’ that followed he is gone.

I love social media and it’s power, the world is better for it in so many ways, I would say though, just sometimes pick up the phone to those you have been meaning to for some time. Who knows how important that call could be.

Paul R.I.P

One thought on “RIP Paul

  1. Marco, I think we have all be guilty of this voyeurism and wholeheartedly agree with your point of picking up the old fashioned phone to connect and reconnect.
    Paul was a part of the tapestry in all our lives and it is terribly tragic that it had to come to this terrible end.

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