You think you know me?

I guess it is the same query the celebs have about privacy. If you are public and use social media etc does that mean people should act like they know you, does it give them the right?

Recently I have been doing a lot of interviewing and its amazing how many people will take all the information they could find on you and use it straight to your face. Should this be a surprise to me? I always saw this information as great background and helped me inform a conversation, not repeat it verbatim.

Is it better to say ‘I believe that the future of display will see less Ad networks’ or ‘I read your post and completely agree with that and the three tweets you send about Specific Media’ I think the former? I suppose I can live with that sort of stuff as what else are they meant to read. It’s when they start with the how was the trip to Moscow and is little Alex better now? STOP.

Maybe I am a hypocrite, it’s not even that I have an issue with it per se, its more that I think it’s a better strategy to weave the knowledge in to an interview rather than reveal you spent last night reading everything I had ever written (poor you).

Anyway for the record tonight I am off out with some lovely people off a training course I did in Paris – you remember that one, I wrote about it?

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