Confessions of a ….@Digiday leave the National enquirer to do the gutter press

I read today’s confession of an Ad Tec Executive and it leaves me a little uncomfortable with this whole series. It is not the information that it hands over, I am sure some is correct, and I am sure some of the practices are true but there is a big but..who are these people?

Are they reputable, have they been offended by some one or something, were they any good? Let’s face it there are plenty of people who talk about things that you would not listen to and take seriously. I think it is a little gutter press and I think that is a shame, this is a trade site not a gossip site, not sure we need to have this kind of reporting. 

Every post I see from ‘anon’ is one to ignore in my opinion and so these whole pieces lack credibility. Brian covers some good stuff and agree with much of his approach but this stuff leaves me cold. I keep getting told I am too opinionated and get into trouble but I would rather that than these anon posts from people with axes to grind.

2 thoughts on “Confessions of a ….@Digiday leave the National enquirer to do the gutter press

  1. I’ll choose to focus on the “covers some good stuff part.” No, really, the Confessions series was born out of a frustration I had. Few people are like you in digital media. There’s a big gap between the stuff people talk about in public to reporters like me and at conferences and the real day-to-day. That’s the stuff that people talk about over drinks. The idea, which is at the heart of Digiday, is to narrow that gap. So we trade anonymity for honesty. Here’s the thing: I personally vouch all these are legit. They are people I know, or I’ve vouched for in other ways. This is no Agency Spy thing. As an aside, I’m not a big fan of anonymity. I decided early on to go with Facebook for our commenting system b/c I didn’t want the kind on anonymous commenting crap you see on other industry sites.

    • Cheers Brian, I am sure you have the best intentions and I was not out to say its all shit but as one Twitterer said it is so competitive that we face a constant stream of people trying to take you down for a reason that best serves them rather than the business. In the case of trading desks Some companies are spending more time trawling the web to find a rogue ad so they can show it to a client than thinking about business strategy and genuine innovation. It is this environment I find ugly and that’s what made me ask the same of your confessions series. That said I take it on board based on your assurances that we can trust them. Good to get some debate going!

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