Happy Birthday Bertozzi Bytesize – 28.10.09

I remember the first blog. I had no idea how to use the tech of the blog, no idea where it would end up but really wanted to know how all this blogging stuffed worked.

150 blogs later – basically 4 a month and I am amazed the number of people who visit the blog, most people give me s*** for it, but begrudgingly admit that I started something and managed to keep it going.

When I wrote the first blog It was a pretty awful working time of my career, working somewhere I hated with every sinew of my body but determined to fix it, to get into a role that was entirely digital, in a growth market and working with the best and brightest of our industry. Now is a good time and makes the blog that much easier to fill with good, bad and indifferent pieces.

I hope to maintain this, it’s hard to stop once you start. I make time for this blog, contrary to the usual crap from people about ‘you can’t be that busy if you can write a blog’ I write at home, at night, at weekends, on flights etc and I enjoy it.

For anyone who reads or subscribes, thank you, I know it’s not Dickens, but appreciate your support!

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