Not one of the highest quality videos! This is like Jeopardy – I give the answer, you guess the question! We had 80 people from all of the top Italian publishers to cover issues around RTB and private marketplaces. The market is cautious but definitely progressing well.

Video interview with Italian press after RTB Publisher Day in Milan

3 thoughts on “Video interview with Italian press after RTB Publisher Day in Milan

  1. Hi Marco

    Thanks for sharing this. Four and a half minutes in you say that “data is not something you would use for direct response [performance] campaigns … on the whole it makes them less efficient and more expensive”.

    Do you have any examples you can share to explain why?


    • I am sorry to be slow to reply. Basically performance metrics rely on the smallest of margins and low cpms relatively. If the data costs 50% on top of the inventory cpm then your performance has to match that to pay out. In most circumstances that does not happen.

      • Thanks Marco! We often see a similar effect for premium TV programs and temperature activated OOH advertising when modelling media effectiveness. The additional costs of such targeted activity are often greater than the additional benefits.

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