Digital foot print of parents

It struck me the other day as I posted an image of my wife and I plus friends on a no kid ski trip and the comments that came after that we are actually saying a lot about us as parents and revealing so many thoughts that would have disappeared into the sky in our day. We have all done it and seen it! ‘YES! weekend away without the kids!’ ‘Finally they are in bed’ ‘they have been little shits today’ and so on, you get it.

Now we all know that we don’t say anything with any malice but at the same time if you were to go back and read some of it, maybe it would strike a nerve. I know if I was posting about my wife, ‘thank god I am going to get away from her for a few days’ I may come in for some problems at home! So what is the difference and will they understand? Will kids understand for the first time just how much pleasure we got from ‘us/me time?’ All those photos from glamorous locations that some friends I know who travel a lot for work (not me of course), will they understand that you were actually working and not playing instead of being with them at home.

We are all creating a digital footprint, not just the teenagers we so often talk about when it comes to this subject, our lives are there for ever splashed across the various platforms – I wonder what other people will see in them when they look back. I hope for all our sakes that actually our children will see just how much we loved them, took them places, photographed them and showed them off with pride because they are going to need it to make up for some of those ‘brilliant another holiday ruined by sick child comments’

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