AOP B2B conference

A short presentation at last AOP B2B conference. It was topline approach to how that industry should consider next steps in the RTB environment.

Campaign Forum piece on Fru Hazlitt AOP speech

Marco Bertozzi in Campaign Magazine Forum section 26.10.11

After the presentation by Fru Hazlitt at the AOP forum I was asked to to comment on the idea that data was suffocating clients. Almost all people I spoke to felt the same, Fru had hit the wrong note at the wrong time and that she and ITV were out of touch with what people actually wanted. Data is one of the biggest subjects at the moment and a crucially important planning tool.

The fact remains that ITV dont want to lose control of their VOD and the idea of programmatic buying and exchanges threatens that situation. However they need to look to their competitors in Sky and C4 to see their innovation..article below