Are these the 10 best Ads of the decade?

Marco Bertozzi: 02.12.09
These ads have been suggested as the 10 best Ads of the decade in the Guardian, the Ads are brilliant and I wanted to have them all on one place and spread the question to others. Have a look at the Ads and comment as to which you think stand out as winners. I also leave us asking what the best digital ads would be?

Number 1: John West Salmon

Number 2: Levi’s Odyssey

Number 3: Honda Cog – a favourite?

Number 4:The John Smith Ads with Peter Kay

Number 5:Sony Bravia bouncing balls

Number 6: Rhythm of life Guiness

Number 7: Cadbury’s Gorilla Ad

Number 8: Skodia Fabia Original cake car

Number 9: PG Tips ‘The Return’

Number 10: T-Mobile Ad

Great Ads, great seeing them all together, I wonder how we would do identifying the best online Ads of the naughties – any suggestions?