Google Glasses: don’t take them seriously. Take the tech seriously

I am so tired of seeing articles about Google Glasses from the perspective of a new Apple phone review. Even worse from try hard bloggers talking about the impact it will have on others. These articles are mainly dedicated to increasing traffic. @undrip.

Google glasses will be on sale. It will sell. People will wear them. But does anyone think that Google is planning to compete with Samsung shipping numbers or iPhone sales figures? Do they think their self drive car will be a top seller? No. No.

They are a technology and innovation company, they have people who innovate and they have started with Glasses. Already people are protesting about the fact they may be recorded mid conversation. Perhaps they be used inappropriately, maybe they will be but at a minimum of 1500 dollars they won’t be owned by some delinquent. Even if they were, this is not about Glasses this is about the evolution of technology. It is here, it is happening. It would be like saying that we don’t want the Internet because kids will look at porn. Well if the adults didn’t watch it then it would not be there in the first place.

Whether it is uncomfortable, whether it comes in the form of Google Glasses is neither here nor there. It is technology and you can’t stop it. An analogy was used about a guy on a bus filming stuff on Glasses and then transferring it to text and tagging it to a person and how that was the end of the world. Come on, whatever you do on Glasses you can do on a Nexus 4. I can film on a bus, I don’t need Glasses to do it.

Let’s all stop taking Glasses seriously but take the technology and brains behind it seriously because it is the heady cocktail of those two that will show you up as totally missing the point.

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