The iPad is fantastic.

People said it would change the way we computed, it does, it makes me think the laptop is a bother to open! In fact I am now walking around with my 3 week old in a sling and typing this, could never do that on a laptop.

Publishers need to change though, they are not taking advantage of this great piece of kit. It’s more immersive, a more personal experience than the laptop. I can see this rapidly becoming my favourite gadget after the iPhone 4 I am about to buy.

A small criticism is that it does look too much like an iPhone, not sure why it bothers me, but it feels a bit like they could not be bothered to do something different. Anyone seen the new windows phone? It looks new and fresh and I was hoping the iPad would try something new. On top of that I wish some of the mainstream app makers were already geared up to deliver their apps for this, I mean no official Twitter app? No linkedin? Come on these machines are designed for staying in touch and will become the business mans friend so it seems strange.

There is no doubt this has changed the computing landscape and I am sure when the next generations come out the iPad will become evermore versatile. So to those wondering whether to go for it or not, the answer is yes..

4 thoughts on “The iPad is fantastic.

  1. I agree with you. The thing that has amazed me is how quickly the iPad has become the main way I access the internet.

    If we are going to be critical though there are a couple of other things I would add.

    The 3G service is fine but the bit that really annoys me is that if you are running a pay-as-you-go micro sim as I am, you have to top up using a wireless network. Surely it would make more sense to be able to top up using the 3G connection.

    The Apple feud with Adobe is the most frustrating part for me though. You really notice how many sites use flash and the fact the iPad doesn’t support it really damages the user experience in my opinion. The BBC website is a good example. iPlayer is fine but the video’s embedded within news or sports are all Flash and so can’t be viewed. I find it more frustratng again when I then use my MacBook Pro to look at the BBC website and I can see all the video’s just fine. Both Apple, one I can one I can’t.

    Grinds my gears!

    But I still love it!

    • So right mate, Flash is a nightmare. In fact last night i investigated TV channels, I signed up to Sky App which is great, but C4, C5, BBC etc, no Flash no view, it really takes away what could be just the single best gadget in town, very frustrating indeed. I hope my new iPhone 4 does not distract me too much though..

  2. Totally agree on the Apple/Adobe feud. This makes surfing the web (the main objective of the iPad) a big challenge. Come on Marco, don’t tell me you’re not frustrated everytime you go to a page to view a video and you are unable to view b/c of this feud.

    Droid X will run flash. It will be interesting to see how this changes people’s perception of Apple/iPhone OS.

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